Sequencing raw data of healthy conjunctiva

Healthy conjunctiva

Sample description

Eight formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded (FFPE) as well as three unfixed healthy conjunctival specimens from patients undergoing retinal detachment surgery were analyzed. Following routine histological staining, the histological diagnosis for each specimen was determined by two experienced ophthalmic pathologists. The 3'-RNA-sequencing method MACE was applied for sequencing of FFPE samples and standard RNA-sequencing for unfixed samples as described in Boneva et al. (2020).

Linked publication

Data access

Fastq files of all replicates can be downloaded from European Nucleotide Archive using the following links. Please cite one of the publications shown above, when using data for your research.

Sample Age at surgery (years) Sex FFPE/unfixed Fastq files
1 52.0 female FFPE download
2 58.0 male FFPE download
3 55.0 male FFPE download
4 69.0 male FFPE download
5 49.0 male FFPE download
6 43.0 male FFPE download
7 58.8 female FFPE download
8 61.1 male FFPE download
9 53.0 male unfixed download
10 57.0 male unfixed download
11 67.0 male unfixed download